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A2C Services Ltd

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Circular Computing


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Our mission is the preservation of existing stocks of materials and resources that have been used to manufacture computers. The preservation of our environment and the restoration of eco systems damaged by the eWaste and poor recycling practices.

In the last 3 years alone, A2C has Remanufactured 700,000 computers and notebooks into a like new condition, extending the lifecycle of these computers by up to 12 years. (A2C has been in business for over 25 years).

A2C is a commercial business with a purpose and we believe that we create positive environmental, social and economic impact at a micro and macro level.

Materials savings

Water savings

Carbon savings

Embodied energy savings

Human/Labour/social benefits

Micro/Macro benefits of remanufacturing / employment, digital dividend.

We can do this because “Moor’s” law has ceased to become relevant. A 4 year old Ci5 3rd Gen Laptop with 4Gb Ram, 500Gb HDD & 15" LCD delivers around the same performance and energy saving efficiencies as todays 6th Gen CPU “latest and greatest” computer that costs 50% more.

Intel has admitted that performance gains in relation to “speed”, measured by “Mhz” are no longer relevant and instead its about stacking ”cores” and becoming more energy efficient.

We have redesigned our business model along Circular economy principles with input and advice from Prof Walter Stahel, The Center#link# for Remanufacturing in Europe and the support of large multi national corporations that are focused on sustainability initiatives.

Remanufacturing a computers into a like new condition extends the lifecycle and preserves the embodied energy and material resources contained within the computer itself,  A2C has also created a Circular process to bring these computers back into our process loop at end of each useful life stage and we can do this up to 4 times (9-12 years additional life). Please see attached test case. #link#

We need to build capacity through education and partnerships in order to fully show the benefits of the Reuse of Remanufactured computers in order for them to be a considered purchase within Government, Corporate, Education and SME\'s.

The support of Government in allowing public purchasing organisations to consider purchasing high quality remanufactured enterprise grade performance computers with the same warranty & support as new that are 50% less than the new price and are eco-friendly is essential to being able to scale and deliver the resource savings, environmental benefits as well as the positive socio-economic impact that this will bring. 

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